Perotti-Manolas fight in 做ppp项目的公司赚钱吗training

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Coach Luciano Spalletti then sent them to the showers before the session had finished, not allowing them to finish.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, a furious row broke out between the pair, with teammates having to come between them in order to avert a physical fight.

With the final match of the season looming, it is hoped that the incident is now over and the side can focus on h澳门外围投注osting Genoa.

The report states that this is not the first time that Perotti has had 在线外围投注an issue with a teammate, and Manolas has a fiery tempe六合投注网站rament too.

Reports suggest that Roma’s Diego Perotti and Kostas Manolas almost came to blows during yesterday morning’s training session.